Projects in progress

The fast evolution of Al Bustan Holding Company allowed it to enter competitions and challenges in order to seek a big number of investments in new fields.Therefore, the Group has joined other companies operating in the sector of air transport as well as the maritime and marine services sector, the financial services sector and various other sectors where it will soon get a foothold in both local and international markets.



Air Transport

With the constant global request for modern air transport, Al-Sahel Air Transport Company was established .This company provided the possibilities to purchase aircraft for internal and external flights, air cargo operations, as well as carrying out ground services and handling of passengers, aircraft and cargo in conformity with the regulations and rules applicable locally and internationally in the field of aviation.

Al Bustan Holding Company for Investment operates in this field through the aforementioned company and it provides all the support necessary for the successful achievement of the project.

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Food Industries

Food industry is one of the most popular industries in Libya due to the ever-growing demand for foodstuffs. On this basis, two companies have been founded in the sector of food industries, namely

– Al Methaq Food Industries Company
– Al Reef Libyan company for food industries

These companies aim to establish factories for mills, fodder, bottling and refining of vegetable oils in addition to the establishment of juice and dairy factories. Since their establishment, these companies aim to combine between efficiency and technology and they are also doing their best for the expansion of food industry in order to cover the domestic market and later on for food export to other countries.

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ICT Services

– Design , installation and maintenance of systems , computer networks and satellite communication equipements

– Training , supply and installation of computers and network equipement

– Advising and technical support in IT field

– Optical fiber cables manufacturing and maintenance

– Installation and maintenace of communication tower stations for air and marine navigation stations

– Electronic planning for surveing , space visualisation , aerial photography and global positionning system GPS

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Oil Services

It concerns the services carried out by the oil sector services companies and it aims to provide its services to the oil and gas sector through the permanent Alzad Petroleum Services Company which aims to provide all the oil services recognized locally and internationally from the provision of systems and equipment specialized courses in the field of oil and gas to maintenance and installation services and maintenance Oil drilling equipment and submersible pumps and established international offshore platforms according to international and local standards of quality, health, safety and environment.

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Public Services

A Public sector company “Tripoli Star Cleaning and Waste Removal Services Company” was established and all the auxiliary mechanisms of cars and garbage containers have been provided with the latest international methods in this field to ensure the successful performance of its works.

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Shipping Agencies

It starts its activities in the fields of shipping agencies of all kinds including inspections, shipping and unloading of goods and commodities, in addition to handling, loading and unloading of ships of all types, sizes and cargo loads.It will perform its activities through the Blue Wave Navigation Company.

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Maritime fishing

Blue Beach Fishing Services Company was established in order to build industries based on marine products and derivatives and create joint ventures with international companies specialized in the field of sea fishing in addition to the establishment of fishery culturing farms, paving services , maintenance of ports , ships and marine ponds in addition to maintenance and welding underwater.

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Renewable energy and sustainable development

We Provide Waste to Energy Solutions for renewable or conventional energy production.

Combustion and gasification technologies for a wide variety of fuels such as biomass, sludge, agricultural and industrial by products, and sorted municipal waste.

Solar Technologies and complete solutions for Domestic and Commercial applications.

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Wastewater Management

Management and handling of municipal and industrial wastewater is one of our core businesses, in which we cover Design, build, operation and maintenance of:

– All kind of sewer systems

– All kind of pumping stations

– All kind of municipal wastewater treatment systems

– Industrial wastewater treatment plants from all kind of industry

We offer these activities for new plants, as well as for the rehabilitation of existing plants.

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